Heating System

Heating System

We sell and install heaters to keep your pool warm even when the temperature drops.

Our preffered brands of heaters to install and service are Raypak and Master Temp by Pentair.

A gas fired heater will heat your pool and maintain a temperature to your desired setting. You should expect about a 1 degree temperature rise per hour with this type of heater if it is sized properly to your pool. This is great for those who heat their pools up on a Friday morning to have it ready for the weekend. Most gas fired heaters have an efficiency rating at 82%.

A heat pump will take longer to get to temperature and does not perform well in really cold temps (40 degrees or less). However they will maintain a temperature more efficiently. A heat pump can reach 300% efficiency under the right conditions.





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Pool Covers

We sell and install custom pool covers, your pool can look great all winter!

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Make life easier, have us install automation to control your pool features

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Let one of our service techs help you decide which heater is best for your pool

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Full Service

Enjoy your pool! Most of our customers have us take care of the maintenance.

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